Justice League Review


Jorge Anguiano, Staff Writer

The Snyder cut of Justice League has, with new backstories, new minor characters and a new, disturbing ending. Its sheer colossal size, its feeling of doom and its trance like sense of it make it weirdly entertaining. Did Snyder really intend the original film to last four hours well this one does an epic so splurging huge that you can see how it might have been purposed as four streaming episodes. Yet its dramatic and  craziness only really come across when you consume it all at once.

As the film begins the whole world is in mourning after Superman’s death, and humanity is now menaced by the intergalactically evil Steppenwolf  who is after three “mother boxes” that are somewhere on Earth three cubes of cool powers which together give their owner complete universal control left behind apparently from a previous incursion. So Batman wants to assemble a crew of superheroes the Justice League to defend the planet in Superman’s memory.

I feel the movie had a lot more potential then what they made out of it there was very few good action scenes for how long the movie ran and like most movies all the action came towards the end but I really excepted it to have more of the actions scenes coming through after like the 2 hour mark the movie was ok and definitely not something I would go back and watch again. I do look forward to the sequel of this movie just because of the final scenes and the epilogue at the very end of the movie the movie has something preposterous but surreal and there is a disturbing epilogue in which Wayne is confronted by his personal demons. Snyder’s film may be exhausting on how long it was but its engaging more than most movies and it filled in a lot of gaps from previous movies.

The movie is good in its own way I found very interesting how they changed Steppenwolf costume and made it move all the time throughout the movie and the coloring in this version of the Justice League had very different lighting then the 2017 version it had more of a darker appearance vs how the original had a more colorful and brighter type of lighting the movie definitely had more of a ominous feel to it.