Manga Recommendations! :]

What is manga?

Manga is a type of book that originates from Japan. It’s in a comic book style, and is backwards, meaning the front page is on the opposite side. When reading manga, you read from right to left going down. (It should say how to read it in the back)

1 . Uzumaki

Uzumaki is a horror based manga, being one of Junji Ito’s most popular manga. It’s about a small town that is cursed. This curse is a spiral pattern that causes supernatural events and natural disasters to happen in the town. 

The manga isn’t scary at all but it’s mysterious and the stories in it are amazing. I think you should check it out, as it is really interesting. Junji Ito has other amazing horror mangas out there that you should check out as well. So if you’re not really interested in this one, you may find another one better. :]

2 . Kings Beast

King Beast is a romance manga that is still new. It has 20 characters at the moment, but is still a really good manga that I recommend. It’s about a world where there are 2 types of people. Either human or ajin (half human half animal). Male ajins with supernatural abilities are forced to be beast servants (guards) for the prince they are assigned. Female ajins don’t get that opportunity, and are forced to do low jobs. Even though that’s how it works, it doesn’t stop the main character from becoming a beast servant.

I really love this manga because the main character is trying hard to accomplish a goal she has while trying not to fall in love with the prince. Sadly the author hasn’t uploaded a new chapter, but I know when they do, I’ll be a good chapter because of where it left off.

3 . The Gods Lie

If you’re looking for something to cry about then I’d say read this one. It’s a one shot so sadly there aren’t any other volumes but I really enjoyed it. It’s about two 6th graders who become friends. One of the 6th graders is a boy who lives with just his mother and the other is a girl who lives with her brother waiting for her dad to arrive home from his trip. 

I just recently read it and I really enjoyed it. The story was a bit rushed though since everything happened like within a week or so but it was still good and sad. And like I said, it is a one shot so there isn’t a second volume sadly. 


If you haven’t already read manga before, I’d recommend starting with Toilet Bound Hanako-kun. The anime has already been released for this manga, but there is still more that hasn’t been included in the anime. Maybe you’ve seen the anime and would like to know what happened after? Well then I recommend you start reading it.