Why Superman can’t defeat Shazam!

Why Superman cant defeat Shazam!

Melvin Garcia, Staff Writer

There have been arguments about Superman and Shazam, like ” Superman can defeat Shazam ” or ” Shazam is stronger than Superman ” but they never came to a conclusion (definitive decision), the catch is… I did. How you may ask? Well, the film “Public Enemies” proves so clearly that Superman can’t defeat Shazam… so I attached a video link for you. This video explains it all to you…

If you didn’t figure out or didn’t know where my evidence was ( evidence = Superman can’t win Shazam ) it starts here at 16 seconds and process’s into little cut scenes of the battle of Batman with Hawkman and then again to Superman with Shazam. It starts again at 1:04. Yes, I know that doesn’t answer your question, so let me dive into your question: Why can’t Superman defeat Shazam? Well, the reason why Superman can’t defeat Shazam is that Superman has a fear of hurting children, and I have to prove that to you… so I will. In the series ” Justice League Unlimited ” there is a scene that helps me prove my evidence that I have on Superman, here’s the video link so you can watch:

If you watched the video or the film itself you can clearly see what I’m talking about Superman’s fear of hurting children ( evidence at minute 3:30 )  and yes I know you are going to say ” He was being nice ” or ” Yeah because he’s a child “. If that’s what you are thinking… your wrong because after the moment Superman found out Shazam was a child he didn’t want to fight him or in another phrase KILL HIM during the entire film. I hope you don’t think this is a theory because it’s NOT a theory. If you think I’m wrong… PROVE ME WRONG!!!