The Top 2 Nintendo Switch Games!


Gabriela Rabago, Staff Writer

There are two video games for Nintendo Switch that are, by far, the all time favorites of players. 

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – This game came out in April 2017, but it is the most sold game – over 24.77 million copies have been sold in the three years since its release.  This game is a multiplayer game, it also is a balance between the old Mario Kart and bringing in new ideas. While the game shows us some new ideas for the game, Nintendo also has included a new update called Battle modes, it includes five smart object-based modes – each one with its own unique battle. For example, Shine Thief is when you pick up the shine and run away, while trying not to get hit by the other player (if you get hit, you loose the shine). Every course, character, and mode is unlocked right from the start, meaning you can just jump right in and hit the track. There is also a new feature that Nintendo designed called Smart Steering. Smart Steering was made for new players to help them stay on the road.  Another cool update is Coin Rusher. The person with the most coins wins. With Coin Rusher, you pick up the coins that are scattered around the map. If you hit a person with a mystery item, they drop most of their coins and, if they hit you, you drop most of your coins. The game has a time limit, however, and at the end if the timer the person with the most coins wins first place. You can also do mirror races which is when you do a race by yourself and it shows how much time you took to finish the race. Some fun choices you can make include choosing what car, tires, and umbrella you want – and the more you play, the more car, tire, umbrella options you unlock. There are 41 characters in the game and five of them are exclusive only in the Nintendo switch – Baby Mario, Baby Daisy, Baby Peach, Baby Luigi, and Baby Rosalina. It makes sense that this is the #1 choice for Switch users.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate – This game ranks second place in best sellers with over 18.84 million games sold from December 2018 to 2020. This game is also a multiplayer game – you can play against your friends or just play by yourself. There are 70 characters to choose to fight with. The available characters include Mario, Kirby, Bower, Link, Ryu, Wii Fit Trainer, and many more. Every character has a very different power. For example, the Kirby, if you press and hold B, she inhales the player in front of her. Another power for Kirby is, if you move the right or left joystick and press B, she will hammer flip the player in front of her. There are more moves and each character has a special move that not all characters possess. When you start the game, you only get a couple of characters to choose from meaning you have to keep on playing to unlock the rest. Unlocking the rest of the characters requires you to win a fight and, then, the winner will fight the character that the game chooses randomly. If you defeat the character chosen by the game, you unlock it. You can also choose a different color for a character, for example, instead of having the original pink color for Kirby you can choose from blue, yellow, gray and other colors; not all characters change color, though. You can choose which map you want to fight on or you just can choose the random button that allows the game to choose the map for you. Most of the maps come from the video game that the character comes from, for example, Yoshi’s map is called “Yoshi’s Island”. You also have a time limit but you can change it so that until one of the players loses the game doesn’t end. You can also play in teams if you are playing with friends; players are divided – half go to the blue team and the other half go to the red team. Both teams fight each until one is victorious over the other.

My personal favorite game of these two is Super smash Bros, what’s yours?