My Top 10 Anime Recommendations

My Top 10 Anime Recommendations

For people who don’t know, anime is Japanese animations that have become very popular over the years. This year, anime has gotten more popular and as someone who has been watching anime their whole life, I felt like I should recommend some anime that I enjoy watching. Some of these animes I’ve listed may not be what you’re into, but I hope some of these may seem interesting to you.

Number 10:

Kamisama kiss

This anime may not be for everyone since lots of people are mainly into action, but this is one of my favorite romance anime’s I’ve seen. A teenaged girl named Nanami, becomes a god by a simple kiss. She falls in love with her new familiar, (protector) Tomoe, who is a yokai (a spirit). He rejects her since he thinks it’s weird for humans and yokais to fall in love, but he can’t help but fall in love as well.

(2 seasons, 2 ova episodes)

Number 9:

Attack on Titan

To people who are beginning to watch anime and like lots of action, this is a good one. When Eren and Mikasa were children, the colossal titan broke down the wall letting the smaller titans in the town (in case you didn’t know, titans are giant man eaters). Eren swore to get revenge on the titans for eating his mom right in front of him. When he became older, he joined the survey corps to exterminate every titan. 

(3 seasons, 7 ova episodes)

Number 8:

Corpse party

The reason I like this anime is because there’s lots of gore. These kids do a prayer (or ritual I’m not really sure) at school, that’s supposed to make them friends forever, but they have to do it in sync. One of them messes up so they end up at a different side of the school. They have to find these papers they used for the prayer to go back, but there’s kids who died back then in the school, that tries to get in their way and kill them.

(1 season I’m pretty sure, 5 games)

Number 7:

Seraph of the end

This anime is pretty good in my opinion because it’s about vampires fighting humans. The vampires spread a virus, killing 90% of the world where mainly people under the age of 13 were able to survive. Some of the surviving humans went with the vampires by force, while the rest joined the vampire extermination unit. They have many wars since the vampires want to take over, and take the seraph of the end back from the humans.

(2 seasons, I forgot how many episodes but there are 4 ova series)

Number 6:


I like this anime (and game) a lot because it’s about a killing game and the students play as detectives in a way. There are 16 students in a school, trapped, and forced to kill each other by Monokuma (a robot bear). When a body is discovered, they go through a class trail. If they say the wrong murderer at the end, they all die while the murderer gets to escape. But if they chose the right person, the murderer dies. In the end, only 2-4 people can survive.

(3 seasons, 3 games)

Number 5:

Ghost Stories

I pretty much like this anime because the English script is funny. But its about 5 kids, and a talking cat, solving mysteries. The Japanese version didn’t do so well, so they let the English voice actors do what they wanted with it, which they made extremely hilarious.

(1 season)

Number 4:

Demon slayer

It’s one of my favorites because Tanjiro is focused on turning his sister, Nezuko, back into a human. He went into town one day to sell wood and when he arrived back home, he found his family dead, and his sister had turned into a demon. He meets Zenitsu, and Inosuke along the way and kill demons together. He meets a demon, who’s actually good, that tries to help him turn his sister back to normal.

(1 season)

Number 3:

Fire Force

I like fire force because Shinra tries to find the truth about infernals. He joins the fire force but later discovers that the Evangelist is seeking for him to cause another catastrophe. Company 8 (the fire force company hes in) find out she has 2 others working for her to help destroy the world. Shinra the, is determined to find the truth of the infernals, and is also trying not to let the Evangelist take any more people with adolla bursts.

(2 seasons)

Number 2:


I thought this anime would suck since it’s about volleyball but it’s really good. Hinata wants to become like his idol, the tiny giant, so he ends up going to karasuno high school. He tries his best to become better, often competing with his teammate, kageyama. Together, they all try their hardest to beat every team and win at Nationals.

(4 seasons, 5 ova episodes)

Number 1:

My Hero Academia

Lastly, I like this anime because I like how Midoriya doesn’t give up. He wants to be the number one hero, even without a quirk, which he gets later on. He goes into one of the best hero schools to achieve his goals. Since the number one hero becomes a teacher there, lots of villains start attacking which causes lots of problems. Besides that, he tries his hardest to save others and works his way up to becoming the number one hero.

(4 seasons, 5 ova episodes)