Pandemic Snacks


During this pandemic, many of us have been trying new foods and some of us are trying to eat healthier. Over the course of the year, I will be sharing weird snack combinations that people have told me about and maybe some that I have tried myself. I have never tried the first snack, but my cousin says that it tastes really good. In my opinion it sounds gross, but I have never tried it so I can’t say exactly if it does taste good. The second food I have tried and it is DELICIOUS. It is healthy and I love that it is so easy to make.

Dish 1 :  Cream Cheese and Takis stuffed Jalapenos

There are only 3 Ingredients in this snack:


-Cream Cheese 


The directions for this snack are very easy. The first thing you need to do is get a jalapeno and cut off the top where the stem is. Then you will cut out the seeds so you should have a hollow jalapeno tube. The last two things you have to do are fill in the tube with Cream Cheese and shove the Takis into the cream cheese that is filling the jalapeno. If you try it, please let us know what you think!

Dish 2: Peanut Butter & Banana Toast

There are only 4 Ingredients:

-Peanut Butter





  1. Toast your bread.
  2. Put a layer of peanut butter on the bread
  3. Cut the banana into circular slices.
  4. Lastly sprinkle on some cinnamon, and you are done.

This is delicious and I highly recommend it! What weird food combinations or delicious snacks have you been trying during the pandemic? Let us know!

Peanut butter, banana, and cinnamon toast.