The Black Mamba


Diego Vasquez, Staff Writer

January 26, 2020 was the date that one of the greatest players of all time passed away . Nine people died in a horrible helicopter crash and two of them were Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna Bryant. This day was one of the saddest for the Los Angeles community and, possibly, all over the world.

Kobe was born August 23, 1978. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Kobe joined the NBA at a young age, only 18 years old, and the team he joined was Los Angeles Lakers. He played his first and last game with the Lakers. Kobe and his wife, Vanessa, were together for 21 years.  During their marriage, they had 4 daughters.

Kobe has done some amazing things through his career, he was a great player. One example of his excellence is he scored 81 points in one game! He got 5 championship rings with the LA Lakers. In 2008, Kobe got the Most Valuable Player and also got a two-time MVP in the NBA finals he was in. During Kobe’s last game of his career, he dropped 60 points. He scored 33,643 points for his all time points in the NBA which makes him 4th place career scorer overall.

Besides the NBA, Kobe participated in the NBA cares initiatives that helped build homes and basketball courts in low income areas, he stocked food pantries and also supported reading initiatives. Kobe Bryant was the spokesman for After-school All Stars, a national children’s charity that provides after- school programs for kids. Kobe even won an Academy Award for the Best Animated Short Film, “Dear Basketball”, which inspired a lot of people and makes him the only basketball ball player to win an Academy Award. Kobe Bryant was really a great player and a great person. He has inspired many people and he did many great things through out his life.

Rest in Peace Kobe Bryant and Gigi 8/24 💛💜 MAMBA FOREVER